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We know that starting any project around your home or business can be tough, especially when figuring out where to start. Let us come by your home and give you some professional estimates and knowledge that can only be gained in the field. We will work with you to make sure your project will be the product you have always wanted!
We are Los Angeles' premier concrete contractor, serving Los Angeles CountySan Bernardino CountyOrange County, and parts of Kern County and all areas between and around! Our crews are experienced in forming and working with concrete in all forms; concrete driveways, concrete steps, sidewalks, pilings, parking garages, concrete repair, foundations, stamped concrete, concrete patios and much more! Our goal is to always leave your home or property better off having worked with us!
No project too big and no project too small, we have the men and the equipment to make sure that no matter what the nature or scope of your project that we can fulfill it. Our team is always keeping up with the latest technological advances in concrete and masonry, this allows us to cut costs and stay competitive. When shopping around for the best concrete contractor Los Angeles has to offer, don't forget Los Angeles Concrete Contractor Pros!

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As a one of the top rated concrete contractors in Los Angeles, we take great pride in our work and always make sure that tons of thought and consideration are paid to all aspects of your work. Concrete work, whether it's stamped concrete, foundation contracting, or just plain ol concrete patio work; will always start with digging. We can either go by hand or use an excavator. The first step to making sure your concrete project is done the right way will always be digging and setting the proper grade, your smooth or rough stamped concrete finish is only a couple digs away! Give us a call today to see what the Los Angeles Concrete Contractor Pros are all about!


Concrete Contractors

We give FREE in-person estimates so we can get a feel for the job we are bidding on and to make sure all things are taken into account on your project. As one of the most professional Los Angeles concrete contractors, your project will be thought of through all angles, forward and backwards, all to make sure you get the end concrete product that a professional concrete contractor should deliver.
Our company is licensed and insured, and we always stick to state and local building codes. Our expertise in the concrete construction is what sets us apart from other Los Angeles concrete contractors. We work hand in hand with structural engineers and architects to make sure the you get the best concrete company Los Angeles can provide.  We proud to be a top concrete construction company within LA and all surrounding areas, don't hesitate to give us call.

Some of our services

Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways can be a very economical, durable and low maintenance solution for your home and or business. It gives a great impression from the street, heightens curb appeal, and provides nice clean and neat surfaces leading up to your home. Concrete driveways can also be stamped concrete and if you are looking to spend a little more, they can be also pavers.

If you aren't currently happy with your driveway, maybe it has seen some better days, don't hesitate to give us a call for your FREE estimate. Our concrete construction company is offering the highest quality concrete driveways of any of our competitors. Let us enhance the curb appeal of your home and overall increase the resale value!


Concrete pool Decks

Los Angeles Concrete Pros take all the hard work out of making your pool the summer place to be! We offer pool deck repair, pool deck resurfacing and a total pool deck remove and replacement. Not only will your new pool deck look amazing, but with some shark bite or other grit added to the concrete finish mix, your pool deck will become more safe! There are many concrete companies in Los Angeles don't perform any mixture for grip, always ask them first!

Concrete pool decks are very durable and extremely low maintenance. One option for a nice looking pool deck will always be the stamped concrete pool decks. They cost a bit more, but they will look much more decorative, add the stamps with an array of concrete epoxy and dye and you can have almost any combo you'd like. Concrete pool decks will last longer than wood decks and will even be a safer option. Call one of the top concrete companies Los Angeles has to offer!

Stamped Concrete

Over the year stamped concrete has become a more viable option. Most concrete contractors Los Angeles has to offer don't offer this service because it sometimes is considered a specialty. Through some of our expert in house contractors and strategic partnerships, we have been able to cut the cost of stamped concrete and provide our client's with an affordable option for some exterior landscaping. Using a different combination of concrete dye and different stamped concrete designs, we can give our clients a professional high end look without the high cost of pavers.


Concrete sidewalks and walkways

Nothing can brighten up an exterior quite like a new concrete sidewalk or concrete walkway. The new contrast between a concrete sidewalk and nicely taken care of lawn will bring the last bits of your home to life.  Not all the concrete contractors Los Angeles has to offer are the same, making sure the job is done right, between different concrete dye choices and textures, a lot can go into making the perfect sidewalk  using home grown Los Angeles concrete. Complimenting your home or business will pay off in dividends when selling your home or just looking for some enjoyment! Call the best concrete contractors in Los Angeles!

Concrete flooring

Whether you need a new concrete floor for your business or your home or maybe even some concrete repairs to your existing floor, give us a call! Not all concrete contractors Los Angeles based repair concrete floors much less pour new ones or epoxy them. We offer all shapes and sized for concrete flooring, we can even remove the old concrete floor if it is beyond repair so you can start fresh!

Concrete Repair and resurfacing

Sometimes old concrete steps or an old concrete retaining wall just needs to be brought back to life. So we can make sure that you get the most years from your concrete surfaces, we can resurface and skim coat existing concrete and even repair some more damaged pieces with removal of sections and re-pouring them. Concrete flooring can take a beating from staining and chipping, we work with some of the most up to date techniques to get these stains out and get these chips back in so you don't have to! When searching concrete companies Los Angeles don't forget to give us a shout!

Why Choose us?

When you have all the variety of concrete contractors Las Angeles provides you, you pretty much have your pick of the litter. But when you choose Los Angeles Concrete Contractor Pros, you are choosing over 20 years of experience and network of resources to make sure that whatever your concrete needs are, we will not only meet them but we will exceed them. We can take on any project from a simply concrete crack re-grout, all the way to rebuilding and stabilizing a foundation, you need a concrete job done? Well then call the concrete contractors Los Angeles is proud to call their own.

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